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Super Home Equity Line of Credit (SHELOC)
Rates as Low as 3.25% APR*
-           Interest Rates as Low as Prime Minus 1%
-           Amounts Available Up to $600,000
-           Up to 80% Loan to Value
-           Interest Only During the Draw Period Up to 10 Years
-           Repayment Term After Draw Period Up to 20 Years
-           Can Be Used as Overdraft Protection
     APR (Annual Percentage Rate) - Interest rate is prime rate as listed in the Wall Street Journal, plus or minus a margin. Interest rates are adjustable based on prime and can adjust on the first day of each month, based on the prime rate on the 15th day of the previous month. The interest rate floor for the SHELOC is 3.25%. Actual interest rates are based on individual credit history. This product can be tied to your checking account for overdraft protection or a checking account may be established to draw directly from the SHELOC. Transfers can be made online in T-Access to your other accounts with us.

Click here to apply online or click here to check interest rates or call 800 344-4497 then press 4 to speak to a Member Service Representative for more information.


 Please read the very important information below. 

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Use the following telephone numbers if you need to contact the Treasury Department Federal Credit Union:

·        (202) 289-1950 - Main
·        (800) 344-4497 - Main (Toll Free)
·        (800) 425-0455 - Mortgage Department
·        (866) 820-1087 - For lost or stolen Debit Cards
.     (800) 449-7728 - For lost or stolen Credit Cards
If you receive any request about your account these are the only authorized telephone numbers you should call.


1.      DO NOT provide your debit or credit card number, PIN, expiration date or any account information in response to a computer generated call claiming to be from the Treasury Department Federal Credit Union.  DO NOT respond to the computer generated calls.  If you receive one of these calls and are not sure what to do, please contact us immediately at the numbers listed below.
2.      The Treasury Department Federal Credit Union does not send out emails with attachments requesting that you download information onto your computer.  If you receive a request that appears to be from the Treasury Department Federal Credit Union with an attachments requesting that you downloading information to your computer for security, DO NOT DO IT.
3.      The Treasury Department Federal Credit Union does not call, email or text message members or potential members requesting information or a response about their accounts. For your own protection, do not provide your Treasury Department Federal Credit Union account information in response to any telephone calls, email or text message you receive.  If you receive a telephone call, email or text message about your account with the Treasury Department Federal Credit Union, as a precaution, please contact us prior to responding at (800) 344-4497 to verify the request.  Please send a copy of the text message or any suspicious web site links to the email address below  tdfcu_alert@tdfcu.com..