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Government Shutdown - Member/Potential Member Assistance

We appreciate our long term relationships with our members and wish to minimize the impact of a government shutdown on employees - our members and potential members.  Therefore, TDFCU is offering assistance for members and potential members that will help during this challenging time.

I.  Loan Extension

If you currently have a loan with the Treasury Department Federal Credit Union in good standing and the government shuts down, TDFCU will provide you with a 30 day loan payment extension upon your written request.

II.  Member Loan – Net Pay

We know our members and potential members have obligations they have to meet even if they do not receive their pay check.  Therefore, TDFCU will lend a member or potential member their net pay for a pay period, for up to two pay periods. 


To Apply for a Net Pay Loan

1. Apply online at www.tdfcu.org.  In the T-Access (Home Banking) box, click on Apply for a Loan 24/7, then click on Consumer Loans, then click on Vacation loan and follow the instructions.     Enter Net Pay Loan in the purpose field.

2. At one of our branches fill out a Loanliner application and indicate you are applying for a Member Loan – Net Pay.

3. Contact our Call Center at (800) 344-4497 option 4 and one of our Call Center Representatives can take your loan request over the telephone. The Call Center Representatives can also provide additional information.



 As Low As


2.75% APR*


* Easy Application Process

* Quick Approvals

* Ask About our Relationship Pricing

- 80% financing with terms up to 60 months

- Rate applies to new vehicles of current or previous model year

- 100% financing and terms up to 84 months also available

- Used vehicle 80% financing as low as 3.25%, with term up to 60 months.

- 100% used vehicle financing available at attractive rates

- No minimum balance for terms up to 72 months for used vehicles

 You may qualify for even lower interest rates with Relationship Pricing.  You don't have to do anything, we check during the approval process.

Save Time and Money

Click here to apply online.  To obtain additional information, contact our Call Center at (202) 289-1950 or (800) 344-4497 and then press 4 or  click here to contact us by email.

 *      APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is subject to change without notice.  Rates quoted are the lowest rates for qualified applicants.  Actual rate is based on term and individual credit history.  100% financing includes taxes, extended warranty and GAP insurance.  Refinancing a vehicle financed by TDFCU will incur a $350 refinance fee.  Relationship pricing may lower your interest rate. 




 Please read the very important information below. 

Link For Mortgage Department Complaints

Link to Treasury Department Recreation Association Web Site

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Use the following telephone numbers if you need to contact the Treasury Department Federal Credit Union:

·        (202) 289-1950 - Main
·        (800) 344-4497 - Main (Toll Free)
·        (800) 425-0455 - Mortgage Department
·        (866) 820-1087 - For lost or stolen Debit Cards
.     (800) 449-7728 - For lost or stolen Credit Cards
If you receive any request about your account these are the only authorized telephone numbers you should call.


1.      DO NOT provide your debit or credit card number, PIN, expiration date or any account information in response to a computer generated call claiming to be from the Treasury Department Federal Credit Union.  DO NOT respond to the computer generated calls.  If you receive one of these calls and are not sure what to do, please contact us immediately at the numbers listed below.
2.      The Treasury Department Federal Credit Union does not send out emails with attachments requesting that you download information onto your computer.  If you receive a request that appears to be from the Treasury Department Federal Credit Union with an attachments requesting that you downloading information to your computer for security, DO NOT DO IT.
3.      The Treasury Department Federal Credit Union does not call, email or text message members or potential members requesting information or a response about their accounts. For your own protection, do not provide your Treasury Department Federal Credit Union account information in response to any telephone calls, email or text message you receive.  If you receive a telephone call, email or text message about your account with the Treasury Department Federal Credit Union, as a precaution, please contact us prior to responding at (800) 344-4497 to verify the request.  Please send a copy of the text message or any suspicious web site links to the email address below  tdfcu_alert@tdfcu.com..