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Automatic Deposits

Direct Deposit

Have your salary, retirement or regular check(s) automatically deposited into your Treasury Department Federal Credit Union Share Draft Checking account. It's fast, convenient, safe, and free.

Payroll Deduction

Save money the easy way, with a portion of your pay deposited directly into your Share Savings Account (or any other TDFCU savings account). It's a great way to save for emergencies, vacations, education expenses, or for the down payment on a home.

Certified Checks

Certified checks provide anyone accepting your check assurance that your check is good. Available fund for sufficient amount to cover the check are held in your account until the check clears. Just go to the TDFCU branch of your choice and they will, with available funds, certify your check. Don't use a certified check unless you are sure you want to make the payment.

Debit/Checks Cards

Your TDFCU Visa debit/check card is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted. Use it just like cash. With direct deposit, your Visa debit/check card is easier to use than cash. The cards can be used with PINs or with signatures. The choice is yours.

Money Orders

Official Checks

Stop Payments

Wire Transfers


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