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About Us


To serve the financial needs of our members as a safe and sound cooperative financial institution under sponsorship of the Department of the Treasury.


The Treasury Department Federal Credit Union (TDFCU) founded in 1935, is a full service financial institution with a voluntary Board of Directors that is elected by our membership. Each member is an owner of the credit union with an equal vote.

Our purpose is to improve the quality of life of our members by providing affordable financial products and services. TDFCU goes beyond banking…we offer superior financial solutions, unparalleled service and a variety of convenient access methods exclusively to members of our credit union. The more products and services you use, the greater the value you receive.

When you join TDFCU, you join one of the most consumer-oriented organizations you will find anywhere and become part of a prestigious group of individuals who deserve and appreciate quality financial products and services. We look forward to serving your financial needs and those of your family members.

Board of Directors

The Treasury Department Federal Credit Union has a seven member Board of Directors that each serve for three year terms. Two or three  Directors positions are up for election each year. Our current Directors are:

Gary E. Grippo, Chairman
Wesley R. Thomas, Vice Chairman
William MacDonald, Treasurer
Alyssa H. Arute
, Secretary
Lou E. Dixon 
Vicki L. Foster
Jeffrey J. Kim

Our Board members can be contacted directly at boardofdirectors@tdfcu.com

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Supervisory Committee

There are three positions on our Supervisory Committee. They are nominated by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and approved by the Board of Directors to serve for one year terms. The current Supervisory Committee members are:

Lou E. Dixon, Chair 
David M. Legge, Secretary
Cynthia Poteat

Our Supervisory Committee can be reached at supervisorycommittee@tdfcu.com


Our senior management team consists of six key individuals which manage all aspects of the organization. Those key individuals are:

Name Title
Alfred Scipio President/CEO
Telephone (202) 289-1950 extension 1800
Email Address seniormanagement@tdfcu.com
Christine Cho Vice President/Finance
Telephone (202) 289-1950 extension 1805
Email Address seniormanagement@tdfcu.com
Michaelle Celestin Assistant Vice President/Branch Service
Telephone (202) 289-1950 extension 1700
Email Address seniormanagement@tdfcu.com
Cathy Hogans Assistant Vice President/Lending and Support Services
Telephone (202) 289-1950 extension 1817
Email Address seniormanagement@tdfcu.com
Shawn Kahler Assistant Vice President/Compliance and Security
Telephone (202) 289-1950 extension 1824
Email Address:  seniormanagement@tdfcu.com
Antoine Guihon Assistant Vice President/Information Technology
Telephone (202) 289-1950 extension 1811
Email Address:  seniormanagement@tdfcu.com



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